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All Stylmartin products are designed and engineered exclusively in Italy andproduced in Europe after a careful and reliable quality control. The brand reputation for high quality products is a guarantee to the end consumer: nothing is unintended and the high quality of the product has always the first place in corporate choices. Use of high-grade materials, great attention to the design and the handicraft manufacturing care are the cornerstones of Stylmartin mind.



Significant importance is the certification label products Stylmartin, to ensure compliance with current EC regulations. Accredited institutions issue this certification after passing strict tests that ensure the absolute suitability of the product in terms of a high standard of protection. In fact, each Stylmartin product presents features of great importance as regards innovation in the use of materials and in security systems; the excellent degree of comfort makes the perfect union between the different elements.







The "Ideal" construction is a type of handcrafted construction that lends shoe flexibility.
The shoe upperside is prepared with the edges turned outside, is glued and pressed onto a midsole which is then sewed by a machine called “rapid”.
The thread (first in cotton and then in nylon or synthetic) is treated inside a special boiler with melted pitch, to guarantee the full waterproofing of thread and holes.
This type of processing is used for extremely high quality footwear and allows an extremely easy resoling of every type of shoe.
The "Ideal" process is undoubtedly a real exercise of mastery expressing all values of authentic craftsmanship.






The fitting is a measurable parameter when you step inside a specialized store to choose a technical footwear. The first approach is what counts in short. The “fitting comfort” offered by Stylmartin is the result of experience gained over the years and supported by in-depth studies on the behavior of the foot when travelling by motorcycle, in all weather conditions and for long periods. You can not get to offer a comfortable fit without making accurate studies and research along the creation of the last of montage: the simulation of the foot in rigid version will be shaped around the upper, so that will take the anatomy of the foot.